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Fleet Card Programme


i.Logistics – ESSO Fleet Card Program entitles you to an upfront, direct rebates of up to 24% (depending on the Scheme chose) off fuel pump prices at all 65 Esso stations island-wide, all year round. The program is open all corporate and individuals who wish to participate in this program. Enjoy great convenience, jumping the queue by swiping your fleet card or tapping your Speedpass right at the pump. Simply swipe the card or tap the Speedpass at the pump, fuel up your tank and go!

Have questions? Either contact us now or read our i.Logistics Esso Fleet Card Q&A

To apply, simply fill up the below forms and send to us via postage. Applying is so easy, why not try it out?

For individual applicants i.Logistics Individual Fuel Application Form

For corporate fleet cards i.Logistics Corporate Fuel Application Form

i.Logistics Fuel Giro Deduction Form


Alternatively, do fill up this form and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible!